The Trinfinity8 is an amazing quantum healing system that helps your body release old emotional and physical blockages, and also rejuvenate all the cells of your body.

Working on a completely holistic basis, Trinfinity8 is designed to stimulate your body’s process of repair, and prevent aging from proceeding faster. You can enjoy a wide range of physical, emotional and spiritual benefits from this ground-breaking technology.

Trinfinity8 is the first system of its kind to use a personal computer to deliver non-invasive rejuvenation programs based on mathematical code, vibrational energies and fractal formulations that are in harmony with core energetics that encompass all of nature.

Option 1 – Healing sessions in our Clinic

During a Trinfinity8 session, you simply hold a crystal rod in each hand and these are connected with wires to the interface box. This transmits the beautiful frequencies, while you simply listen to relaxing music and watch the beautiful fractal images on the computer screen.

Option 2 – Long-Distance or Remote Healing with Trinfinity8

These are delivered using a photo along with your name, date of birth, and physical location. To schedule your distance/remote sessions, email us at . Emotional, mental and physical conditions can all be moderated beautifully with distance (remote) sessions on the T8.

Healing Benefits of Trinfinity8

Energy Restoration

Outcomes: People have reported experiencing increased energy and an increased libido, as well as gains in physical strength, and creative inspiration. (9 programs available) Trinfinity8 helps balance energy centres, and alignment with renewed vibrational power.

Weight Management

Outcomes: Research studies showed people lost an average of up to a pound of weight a week – without diet or exercise. (6 programs available)

Trinfinity8 helps stimulate the body’s metabolic balance to lose or gain weight safely and naturally. Digital messages are sent to help dissolve unwanted fat and cellulite.

Anti-aging Nutrition and Health

Outcomes: People report looking and feeling younger. (10 programs available)

Replenishing your body with algorithmic nutrients to help cleanse and detoxify, Trinfinity8 stimulates the body’s reparative process to slow the signs of aging.

Stress Reduction

Outcomes: Many people report they sleep deeply for the first time after one session (11 programs available)

While increasing feelings of relaxation and restoring those of well-being, Trinfinity8 helps release deep physical and emotional blocks.

Anti aging skin treatment and Hair Rejuvenation

Outcomes: People have reported decreased inflammation and swelling, clearer skin, and increased hair growth on their scalp. (7 programs available) An effective anti aging skin treatment, Trinfinity8 helps repair and stabilise both the hair and skin through sending healthy vital messages to them.

Face and Beauty

Outcomes: People have reported brown spots fading, skin tags disappearing, and skin clearing after a few sessions. (13 programs available)

Algorithms work to stimulate tightening and toning the skin. Trinfinity8 helps diminish lines and wrinkles on the face, while giving your skin a younger appearance and glow.

Body Sculpting

Trinfinity8’s new body sculpting option allows you to direct algorithms to target problem areas of the body that desire change. (11 programs available)

Is The Trinfinity8 Safe?

Yes! This is a totally safe, and easy to use cosmetic care product. While it gets many fantastic results, it is NOT a medical device, and doesn’t scan, diagnose or cure any medical conditions. Many Trinfinity8 clients report feeling enjoyable subtle energy effects during use (such as warmth, a deep meditative calm, tingling hands, and the sensation of skin hydration).

How to request Long-Distance treatment?

To schedule your distance sessions, please email request to