” I am absolutely stoked with the results…”

What can I say, I went from having a baby that grizzled, moaned, cried and screamed for most of the day, was very hard to handle and took up pretty much all of my time to a baby that is happy to play for hours on end, with having only two sessions with Dawn. I wish I had heard of her months earlier and am absolutely stoked with the results, even all my friends and family have noticed the huge changes.”

N C, Invercargill

“…the pain has now gone…”

I had a VERY painful shoulder for about 10 days, it was keeping me awake and making my building job hard work. From the treatment (Scenar) the pain has now gone, it took 3 sessions. It was my second use of Scenar – previously I had for many years a back pain that would keep flaring up even after many physio visits. After 3 treatments it fixed my back and has kept the pain away since, so it was an easy choice to have Scenar on my shoulder.

Z M, Invercargill

“I don’t know how Scenar Therapy works, but it worked for me.”

I’m a 57 year old mum and nana. I suffered from depression for about the last 40 years – I don’t know why because I’m happily married and have everything I need. Over the years I had visited many Doctors and Specialists, and been prescribed many antidepressant pills – bottles of them, and sometimes I didn’t feel much different.

I heard from a friend about Dawn Stuart and decided to give it a go – I had nothing to lose. After the first couple of visits I decided to slowly take myself off the five tablets I was taking. Now after several visits I’m feeling much better and drug free! If I go maybe every few months I know I can stay feeling good.

I don’t know how Scenar Therapy works, but it worked for me. Thank you Dawn and Scenar Therapy.

I G, Southland

“…with one treatment I felt better than anytime during the past six months…”

With just one treatment my pain went from 7/10 down to 3/10 and my body changed shape from being very round shouldered with my head pushed forward, to standing almost up straight! I couldn’t get the grin off my face because with one treatment I felt better than anytime during the past six months and couldn’t wait to return for more treatments. I’d been having physio twice weekly for 2½ months following an injury with no discernable difference. After 6 treatments I’m still pain free and it’s been 2 months since my last treatment. Thank you so much Dawn.

C D, Tapanui

“…Scenar therapy can make your life livable!”

After many years of back and neck pain due to a car accident, someone told me of Dawn’s business. I had tried many other forms of treatment for over 11 years, and was excited to hear my friend’s results with this person, so I called. After five treatments my pain reduced and the occurrence of pain was lessening. I knew that finally the pain would not control my life. I had eleven treatments. I can now go away without my pillow (something I took everywhere) and know it will be ok. Pain can be debilitating – with Dawn’s treatment pain is now a thing of the past. I can go to see Dawn in the knowledge that no matter what I present to her she can help me.

I have taken my son for a recurring ankle injury to find that while receiving treatment he can still partake in sports, with no down time.

You can go away from BodyTech feeling happy, healthy, better mentally and spiritually once you put your faith in the treatment – Scenar therapy can make your life livable!

B J, Invercargill

“…Scenar relieved the pain almost immediately “

I broke my upper humorous bone in three places, wrenching shoulder and back muscles. I was told by the medical profession that my healing would be long, slow, painful, and I would probably get a frozen shoulder while the bone was mending. My recovery was made much less painful and no frozen shoulder thanks to the regular Scenar treatment from BodyTech. The Scenar relieved the pain almost immediately, relaxed the tight muscles, and got them back into healing mode. Treatment to my whole body was a major factor in my healing process and general well being. I looked forward to every treatment knowing the help and care I received was getting me one step closer to recovery. Highly recommended.

E M, Invercargill

“…has seen me return to my previously active lifestyle.”

After many years suffering from lower back, hip and knee pain that would leave me with what felt like a ‘dead leg’ and often wake me at night, I sought an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist to see if he could help to determine the cause of my discomfort and potential treatment. I had suffered a couple of falls around 30 years ago while skiing and slipping on a set of steps and had always attributed my problems to this.

I was diagnosed with lumbosacral disc protusion and while this could be operated on the chance of relief of the leg symptoms was around 85% and there were potential complications. While considering my options to come to a decision to undergo surgery, or not, a friend mentioned her success with Bowen Therapy.

I was amazed that at the end of the initial one hour session, I could bend and touch my toes without significant pain. The treatments were three times a week in the initial period slowly decreasing visits as I felt the pain was under control. I no longer wake at night with dull aching pains in my back and legs, take no drugs, have no ongoing physio and chiro bills and am just so very pleased that I did not make the appointment for surgery on my back!!

In November 2007 we purchased our own small Scenar machine that we use regularly at home for relief of pain, headaches, colds and sinuses etc. I work in a very manual environment and look forward to a monthly ‘maintenance’ visit to Dawn.

I love going to Dawn’s clinic. She demonstrates a real professionalism about her work, is quiet, reassuring and offers sound advice for improving general health and well being. For me, sharing the experiences I have had at Bodytech, with Dawn and with both Scenar and Bowen is just part of my every day life.

I was such a sceptic of this treatment prior to taking that first step that has seen me return to my previously active lifestyle. Thanks Dawn.

C C, Edendale

“…first session more comfortable than for five years…”

For almost five years I experienced bouts of acute pain and continuous chronic pain in the upper right portion of my body. During this period I regularly consulted my GP, went to the emergency ward in the local hospital when the pain was so bad, a professor of gastroenterology for gall bladder/liver problems, a muscular skeletal specialist – he prescribed breathing and balance exercises. I underwent a number of X-rays, a CT scan and a two plus hour nuclear upper right body scan. I had neither clear diagnosis nor relief from the pain.

To a certain degree I adjusted my lifestyle to accommodate the pain which I knew was very real. I learned to use my left hand, I rarely wore an undergarment, played my piano or used PCU keyboard.

A friend suggested I consult Dawn Stuart for Scenar Therapy. I was skeptical and somewhat dubious about what such therapy could achieve. I thought I had nothing to lose after the time and run around of the past years.

After the first session I was more comfortable than I had been for nearly five years. By the fourth session I was pain free and required no further therapy at that time. All this in fewer than three weeks!

I am able to use my right side, wear my undergarments, play the piano and potter in my garden. Scenar Therapy also helped lessen incidence of headaches originating on my right side. I do not know exactly how Scenar Therapy works – but it works and I am pain free. Thank you Dawn and Scenar Therapy.

C S, Invercargill

“…each week you could see and feel how much more relaxed she was.”

Sophie arrived on time and healthy. The first week or so wasn’t too bad but as each day went by she got more and more unsettled.

After Sophie was breastfeed she just used to cry and cry. Her sleeping got less and less each day. It got to the point I dreaded feeding her because the crying had turned into screaming.

Sophie was on a reflux medication which had settled things a bit but she was still quite stressed at feed times.

It was suggested taking Sophie to Bowen Therapy. I was willing to try anything. Sophie had three sessions of Bowen and each week you could see and feel how much more relaxed she was.

Sophie is three months old now and sleeps nine hours at night which is great.

A C, Invercargill

“I’m enjoying good health again…”

I went to BodyTech with swollen legs and back stiffness and pain. I’ve had six back operations due to growths near the spine. After just three treatments I began to feel generally very well, and freed up when walking. Bowen treatment is the right one for me. I’m enjoying good health again, and look forward to getting on with life. Thank you Dawn.

S J, Invercargill

“…I had relief and a life!”

May 2003 – I had suffered severe hip pain, back pain and headaches for 20+ years. Sleeping was disturbed about a dozen times every night as the pain woke me to move. Before the scheduled hip replacement operation I tried Bowen Therapy and had immediate results. When I returned the following week I told Dawn “unless you will guarantee me that you won’t undo one thing that you did last week you are not touching me!” I was NOT prepared to lose any of my new found freedom. Several more treatments followed with even more improvement. No pain. Finally I had relief and a life! I think the ‘pain’ affected my family more – the boys now have a father who participates in their lives, and my wife has a much less ‘grumpy’ husband.

October 2004 – had been feeling a bit sore lately, so returned for a tune-up. Same improvement again.

B L, Southland

“For such a gentle technique amazing results occur…”

For such a gentle technique amazing results occur … since having Bowen Therapy my energy levels have increased dramatically and I have lost weight without consciously dieting. Aches and pains have disappeared. Bowen Therapy has taught me a new way of looking at myself and has helped promote a greater level of self assurance and self acceptance. I have a sense of freedom and can handle higher stress levels with ease. I definitely recommend Bowen … you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by giving it a go.

J S, Invercargill

“There are no words to say to you … how blessed I am…”

I am feeling well, no constant pain in the knee … just the odd twinge … the hip realignment has stayed in place and it really feels quite odd after all these years (accident was in 1981) to have it in a different line and to have the leg ‘straight’. It’s amazing how, when I get up from sitting … the expectation of the searing pain is still a ‘back of the mind fear’, even though I KNOW that it is no longer a factor now. There are no words to say to you … how blessed I am that you took the time to give me your love and care.

J C, Auckland

” … I had better focus, brain clarity, and my eyesight has improved”

I’m 75 years old and recently had remote treatment with Trinfinity8. With the ‘brain boost’ programme I could feel colossal energy pulsing through me from my feet and arms up into my brain continually for half an hour non stop. I felt lighter and weightless. After this I had better focus, brain clarity, and my eyesight has improved. Later on during the treatment programme I had a fine gentle pulsing through my whole body and head, and had more energy. I now feel peaceful and quiet within, more relaxed and sleeping deeply now.

M R, Auckland