About Us

BodyTech NZ was established in Invercargill, Southland, to provide people with the choice of drug-free, non invasive treatment for pain and dis-ease.

Dawn earned her Reiki qualifications in 1998 – mastering a centuries old Eastern philosophy centred on energy healing through hands. After completing a Diploma of Ultimate Healing in Australia in 1999, she began working part-time with clients.

Her training in the art of Bowen Therapy was started in 2001 and culminated with the advanced Certificate in 2003. Created by Australian Thomas Bowen in the 1950s it involves a series of small manipulations that provide gentle, fast and effective treatment.

By 2002 Dawn had given up her day job to work full-time with a series of self-referred clients who tracked her down via word of mouth.

Next came Fascial Kinetics training (this is another branch of bowen therapy) in 2004 with Annette Ashton from Auckland, and later with Lynne Brown and Mark Hunter from Queenstown.

2006 saw Scenar Therapy introduced to the clinic with four training courses in Australia to complete Levels 1 to 3 with Chris Mortensen and the Masters Level in 2009 with Prof Dr Revenko and Galina Subbotina from Russia. Developed by the Russians for their space programme, Scenar heals by delivering an electrical impulse that mimics the body’s own biocurrents.

Dawn trained in the Emotional Freedom Technique with Michelle A Hardwick (now based in Ireland) in 2009.

Trinfinity8 was added in 2011 as a very effective way to deliver treatments in our clinic or by distance/remote treatments regardless of where the client is situated.

Our focus is on Scenar, Bowen and Trinfinity8 treatments with many awesome results, and clients often refer their friends and family so they may benefit from becoming pain free and happy.